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Your real estate questions answered

  Question: My wife and I just saw a home we love, and we want to buy it. However, we have not yet put our house on the market. Given how it is taking longer to sell property these days, is there a way we can still buy our dream house? Answer: With the current status of […]

Ask Gary Landau your real estate questions

  Question: I have an adjustable rate mortgage but I think the bank incorrectly figured my last interest-rate increase. I have tried to call them but haven’t made any progress. Until this is resolved, I plan to stop making payments. Do you think this is a good way to get them to resolve the issue? Answer: You […]

Will versus Trusts – How to avoid probate pitfalls

Both wills and living trusts can be used to designate how your assets are to be distributed once you pass away, but there are some significant differences between wills and trusts. While wills are simpler and cost less to create than trusts, trusts are not subject to probate if done and funded correctly.   The […]


Once you sign the deal, you’re on your way to buying or selling a home. However, several steps must occur for this transaction to be completed. They are: Closing attorney (or title company) contacts seller’s current mortgage(s) to get package for paying off loan. If the deal is for a condo,  approval of new buyer […]