Living Will

This Holiday, Give Thanks to Your Parents If They Have Taken Care of Their Affairs

And if they haven’t yet made a will, living will, and other end-of-life decisions, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to discuss this

As your family gathers around the holiday table this Thanksgiving, give your parents a big thank-you if they have taken care of their late-in-life affairs. No matter your parents’ health or their age, anyone who ponders difficult end-of-life decisions is giving a huge gift to their family and deserves your thanks. Read more

Condo FHA Loans

More South Florida Condo Buyers May Be Able to Get FHA Loans

Loans from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) can be a great way for first-time buyers to purchase a home, since they require a much smaller down-payment than typical home lenders do. But buying a condominium (rather than a single-family home) with an FHA loan has been nearly impossible, because only a tiny fraction of condo projects has received the approvals needed by the FHA. Read more