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When a loved one passes away and you are ready to begin the probate of his or her assets, give us a call. We promise to be sensitive to your emotional needs as well as your financial and legal interests as we move forward in probating the estate.

The Law Office of Gary M. Landau has been handling probates of all sizes for more than 20 years. Gary Landau is a highly rated and well-regarded probate lawyer. The office is located in Coral Springs, in South Florida, although we handle probates throughout the state. We currently handle probates in every county in Florida; neither you nor any property in the estate needs to be located in South Florida for us to fully serve you.

What exactly is probate? Probate is the legal process by which the courts agree how to distribute the estate of someone who has died. Whether the person had a valid will or not, an experienced probate attorney can help these assets go as quickly as possible to the family members, friends, and charities according to the wishes of the person or, if there is no will, as stipulated by the law.

Probates occur at a difficult time for families, and Gary Landau is sensitive to your family’s needs. He and his experienced probate paralegals are also comprehensive, ensuring that clients are taken care of and fully understand the probate process. Our office is committed to carefully explaining all aspects of probate to you, so you can feel confident in the process and that your interests will be well represented during all the various steps in the probate process. The top-flight probate paralegals in our office help ensure that your estate gets probated as quickly as possible, whether it is a large estate requiring a full administration or a smaller or older estate that can be done with a summary administration.

Whether you are the personal representative, someone who is a beneficiary of an estate, or a relative who thinks you may have legal rights to some of the assets in a probated estate, we can help. For example, Florida law grants a share of an estate to a spouse, even if the will disinherits you.

Planning for your own estate can also make the process go better for your own loved ones. You should work with a Florida attorney to prepare a valid will that is legal in the state (here are some tips for how to do that), and store it in a fireproof box in your home.

Contact us by phone or email for a FREE consultation to learn more about our firm or what we can specifically do for you and your Florida probate needs. Attorney Gary Landau personally returns all calls to him.

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