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CORAL SPRINGS, Florida—Real Estate Attorney Gary M. Landau applauds the state of Florida for allowing remote online notarization for real estate deals in the state. With over 25 years of experience, Landau has seen first-hand how beneficial this feature can be for out-of-town buyers, sellers, and foreign parties. 

Many real estate forms, including the deed that conveys the property from buyer to seller, must have signatures notarized. This involves having someone who is an authorized notary watch the parties as they sign the documents in their presence and attesting to that fact with their signature and seal. 

The remote online option was introduced a few years ago and is now catching on more broadly. The method allows individuals involved in real estate transactions to sign documents from anywhere that has an internet connection, without appearing in person before a notary public.

Having a notary watch the parties sign by being in the same room as them is challenging for people who live in rural areas whether the nearest notary may be a bank employee several hours’ drive away. And it is especially problematic for people outside of the U.S., Landau says.

“Many countries don’t have notaries in the community, or perhaps they have them only at the U.S. consulate. This has made it extremely difficult for foreign buyers or sellers to complete the sale,” Landau says. 

Using the online notary process is eliminating this problem, something Landau is seeing first-hand. “I recently had a deal where the sellers, a brother and a sister, were in Poland and England, respectively, where notaries are less common. Being able to use remote online notarization saved them both significant time and aggravation,” Landau says.

Remote online notarization uses technology that meets all requirements for a legally binding signature. A remote notary public appearing on computer authenticates that they are watching the parties on another computer sign the document in their presence, via a webcam with an audio/video conversation and authentication questions.

This service has been available in Florida since 2020 thanks to a law signed early in the COVID-19 pandemic that had people seeking alternatives to in-person signings. But has come into widespread use more recently, as more notaries have completed the required education course and have registered with the state to offer the service. 

The ease of use makes the process attractive for any buyer or seller who needs their documents legally notarized but cannot easily find a notary nearby. The Courts have made it clear that they accept this type of notarization on their official documents.

“The convenience of remote online notarization makes real estate transactions much easier for out-of-town buyers and sellers,” Landau says. “And it helps foreign parties who would otherwise have difficulty getting documents properly notarized.”

Remote online notarization is now available in 47 states nationwide. It is quickly becoming a popular service among people seeking to complete legal documents efficiently without physically meeting with a notary public. 

“Remote online notaries have been a game-changer for countless South Florida real estate transactions,” Landau says.

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