South FL Real Estate Attorney Applauds Judge’s Expedition of Home Fraud Cases

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CORAL SPRINGS, Florida—Gary Landau, a South Florida probate and real estate attorney who has represented clients for over 25 years, applauds Broward County Judge Jack Tutor for championing victims of home title fraud. Landau, who highlighted the growing problem of home title fraud last year, welcomes the judge’s decision to expedite hearings for resolution and ensure justice for those impacted. The Sun-Sentinel newspaper reported on April 15, 2023 on the judge’s commitment to a faster timetable.

“I’m pleased that Judge Tutor is providing a swift resolution for victims of home title fraud,” Landau says. “In my 25 years of experience in Florida real estate law, I have seen the damage it wreaks on everyday people–and the problem has grown in recent years. It is gratifying to see that our courts have noticed that victims are taking too long to be made whole, and are taking definitive action to fix that. I look forward to seeing justice served for home title fraud victims.”

Home title fraud happens when someone knowingly sells or transfers a property without having legal ownership of the property. When the legitimate owner finally learns of this illegal transfer–sometimes as they are getting ready to sell their home–it can be costly and difficult to undo the damage. Unfortunately, home title fraud has become more prevalent in South Florida, leaving its victims frustrated as they try to resolve the issue.

Judge Jack Tutor plans to ensure that victims more quickly get their homes back in their names with these expedited hearings. His court will provide a fair and swift resolution so those affected by home title fraud can move forward and put the ordeal behind them.

Landau recommends that all homeowners in Broward County protect their properties from this crime by signing up for a free service in the county called Owner Alert. To register your home for the program, click on the application page for the service on the county property appraiser’s website. Once you provide your name, property ID number (which can be searched on the website) and your email address, your property is registered to you. After that, the property appraiser’s office will notify you via email anytime a new deed is recorded, with a link to the recorded document. If the transfer was not authorized, this is the best time to get it stopped. More information on the program can be found on the program’s frequently asked questions page on the property appraiser website.

“Now more than ever, everyone owning property in South Florida must be aware of the potential risks and protect themselves from becoming victims of home title fraud,” Landau says. “Thank you to the Broward court judges who are expediting justice for Floridians victimized by this destructive scheme.”

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