FL Probate Attorney Celebrates 5 Years Helping People Prepare for End of Life

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CORAL SPRINGS, Florida – Longtime real estate and probate attorney Gary M. Landau, founder of the Law Office of Gary M. Landau, announces the fifth anniversary of his free, widely downloaded, end-of-life document, My Last Emotional Wishes.

This four-page, easy to complete document aims to alleviate questions and confusion for families before and immediately after a loved one’s passing. It is not a substitute for other legal documents, but rather is an expression of a person’s wishes for this important stage of their life. During the 5 years since the documents’ debut, it has helped numerous families.

Gary Landau recommends that everyone take a few moments to plan for the inevitable point in the future when their passing is at hand, regardless of whether they are elderly or diagnosed with a life-limiting disease or are decades away from that time. The person simply records their emotional wishes for their end of life, then stores the document away contented in the fact that how they desire to pass their last weeks, days, and hours will be known to loved ones whenever the time comes.

Created in consultation with hospice professionals and other experts, My Last Emotional Wishes allows a person to:

    • Document whether they would want others to talk to them about their fatal diagnosis or simply continue typical conversation topics.
    • Identify the people, items, music, and/or prayers they would like to surround them in their final days.
    • Share whether they prefer to be free of pain or tolerate discomfort if it means remaining conscious.
    • Explain the location and environment they would ideally prefer to be in when they pass.
    • Describe to friends and relatives what they would most like to be remembered for.
    • Reveal their preferred mood for their funeral or memorial service.
    • And much more

Completing the free document can be viewed as a service to relatives since they won’t have to deal with the guesswork and stresses of determining what another person would have wanted, Gary Landau says.

“As a Florida probate law firm, we speak to many clients who have recently lost a loved one who share the anguish they feel not knowing what their dying relative wants towards the end of their life, as well as for their funeral and after. My Last Emotional Wishes was created to help people articulate these desires before that time comes,” Gary Landau says.

The Law Offices of Gary M. Landau decided to make the document free when it debuted in 2017 in order to help the most people. The document is available for download on the home page of the law firm’s website.

“We have been delighted to see so many people use it to plan for their emotional future,” Gary Landau says. “I encourage everyone to share My Last Emotional Wishes with everyone who wants to take a few moments to document these meaningful end-of-life desires.”

It’s important to note that the form provides emotional direction only; it is not a legal document and does not replace other vital legal documents, including a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will (also called an Advance Directive), a Healthcare Proxy, and, depending on the circumstances, a Financial Proxy.


With more than 25 years of experience and countless satisfied clients, Gary M. Landau and his team are uniquely positioned to help you with your probate and real estate needs in South Florida. Whether you’re ready to probate a loved one’s estate or to write your own will, or if you are purchasing a home, have inherited a home, or want a closing agent to handle title insurance and all documents for your closing or refinancing, the Law Office of Gary M. Landau is ready to work with you.

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