South FL Real Estate Law Firm Responds to Biden Administration’s Latest Program

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CORAL SPRINGS, Florida — The Law Office of Gary M. Landau, a leading firm focusing on real estate, probate, and other related practice areas, is raising concerns about the Biden administration’s newly announced program to suspend title insurance requirements for certain mortgage refinancing transactions. Title insurance is generally paid by the home buyer at closing to insure against a potentially faulty chain of title, in case a prior owner never relinquished their property rights.

According to Gary M. Landau, probate and real estate attorney and founder of the firm, while the administration’s goal of reducing closing costs for homeowners is admirable, the potential risks of eliminating title insurance requirements could expose consumers to significant legal complications down the line.

“Without title insurance, homeowners may find themselves vulnerable to disputes over the ownership of their property, even if the current refinance transaction appears to be low-risk,” Landau explained. “For example, if there was an issue with the chain of the title several owners back, such as a missing spouse’s claim, the current homeowner could face serious legal challenges from that person.”

While the program is initially aimed at only “certain low-risk refinance transactions,” Landau cautions that even seemingly safe transactions might not turn out to be free from legal problems. He also has concerns that the suspended requirements might encompass even more transactions in the future.  

“Title insurance is a critical safeguard that ensures the legal integrity of a property’s ownership,” Landau said. “Removing this protection, even in a limited capacity, could set a dangerous precedent and leave consumers exposed to unforeseen financial harms.”

The Law Office of Gary M. Landau urges homeowners to consult with a qualified real estate attorney before proceeding with any refinance transaction or home purchase without title insurance. “We encourage consumers to educate themselves and to seek professional guidance in order to best protect their interests,” he concluded.


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