Why use a Real Estate Attorney

Get The Legal Help You Need

Buying real estate is the most complicated and expensive purchase most people ever make. A title company represents its insurer, but an attorney represents your buyers/sellers and their interests. By using an attorney, your buyer can get sound legal advice along with owner’s title insurance. Plus, having an attorney on a deal can be useful for Realtors in resolving problems that inevitably arise before closing that you would prefer not to have to get involved with. The office of Gary M. Landau, P.A. also handles contract issues, foreclosures, landlord/tenant disputes and other legal matters.

Gary Landau is competitively priced with most title companies. The staff works diligently to close real estate files as soon as possible. They know that no one gets paid until the closing papers are signed! They work hard to accommodate Realtors, communicating frequently and closing in their office if preferred.

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